Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Readers

We are about to embark on a visit to Australia and New Zealand and, other than using my Smash Book at a journal, I won't be able to create much for the next four weeks.  We have house sitters and, no matter that they are a nice couple, our cats will miss us muchly I know but the wanderlust has over taken us once again so we are off on another grand adventure.

Please don't forget me while I am gone.  I will be back and creating again by the end of March/start of April all inspired by new places, new friends and old and itchy fingers from not having much time to play.

If you wish to follow us on our trip, please check in on my social blog, Posting from Paradise, where I will be updating as often as possible.

Keep on creating!


Sandi McLean said...

Have a fabulous holiday and of course you won't be forgotten :)

Anonymous said...

enjoy the time!