Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Smash Book as a journal of our trip

 When we went on our Med cruise a couple of years ago, I kept a journal...for all of two days.  I have had to reach back and try to recall details often asking Jo Frazier (she and her husband traveled with us) what we were doing or where something was and relying on the ship day to day bulletins to help me remember.  I vowed not to do that this time especially since we would be gone not a couple of weeks but just a few days short of a month.

I have had this Smash book for eons.  I jumped on the bandwagon when it first came out intending to use it to journal a visit to Disney with friends but that passed by and I did not do it.  I was getting ready to put it into the 'resell' pile when I flipped through the pages again.  Even though this was not the travel Smash book, it worked out so well as you can see from these pages.   Everything I used fit into a plastic container that measured 9inches long x 6 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep.  The glue pen/ journaling pen combo that came with the Smash book was amazing.  I used Smash tags, some of the Heidi Swapp journal tags, and some assorted fun things from Typo, oh, and some stencils from Micheal's dollar bins that I got eons ago. 

 I plotted our journey on the handy dandy map in the book!

I could attach brochures so they unfolded and glue in cards and mementos, enclose assorted things in pockets I created from journal cards and highlight special events with some of the Smash tags I had also accumulated. 

I still have two pages to go...one is the Top Ten things about the trip and E and I have some discussing to do and have decided to let things settle before we do that.  I'll post those when we are done.  Meanwhile, I am off to find another Smash book for our next planned trip...never leave home without one!


Monika said...

Jules, that's an awesome idea/job on using the smash book.Cant believe you just got home and its already finished. I wasn't too sure about the smash book but after seeing yours, I think you just changed my mind. So happy you guys had such a wonderful time...and got to see Claire.

LyndaKay said...

Your next planned trip is to where? This journal is awesome. Wish I'd done it with every big trip we ever took. Love all the pics.

Mary said...

I LOVE your travel journal. What an heirloom for future generations of your family. Trust me there will be atleast 1 person several generations in the future that will treasure your journal. I wish I had created something like that from my 3 trips to Alaska. What a treasure.

Jaimee Barrett said...
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Jaimee Barrett said...

Great travel journal! I'm glad you liked Australia :)