Saturday, September 13, 2014

Faux Stained Glass with Art Anthology

My take on doing a mandala.  For details, how to and product info, check it out HERE!  Thanks for looking!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Getting hyped up for Halloween

Every September, I get the Halloween itch.  I feel the need to create in shades of black, orange, purple etc.  Spider webs and potions spin through my head.  I've already started with two projects.  One will premier on Art Anthology on Oct 11 and this one for Gecko Galz will go live at that site sometime this weekend.

I have been watching all the previews for the animated movie, The Box Trolls, and, inspired by them, created one of my own.  I started with a box that enclosed a skin lotion I love.  It had a very detailed print that I covered with Gesso from Art Anthology.  After the Gesso dried, I painted on Art Anthology's Dimensional Crystal paint in Amethyst and used a black marker to edge.  The images on the box are a combination of downloads from Gecko Galz and our cross promo provider Rhonda's Originals.  I sure had fun with this one and it will join the other Halloween creations I've made over the years.

The downloads from Gecko Galz may be purchased at Gecko Galz etsy shop.   If you want lots of treats without tricks, check out both sites for great image downloads.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tweet Tweet with Art Anthology

For directions and products used, check it out HERE.  And if you have not visited the Art Anthology blog lately, there are a tons of amazing designs and projects by my fellow designers that you don't want to miss.