Monday, July 28, 2008

Black Market Paper Society's Imported line

One of the gifts we got at the SEI party at CHA was this darling little JOY book. And there is little else that just shouts JOY than the newest line by Black Market Paper Society, Imported. I had such fun creating this today from left over pieces of the line. It distresses like a dream and has such a lovely texture. has this and the other new line coming in ASAP.

I can hardly wait to get home and print out some wallet sized photos for this album from this past week. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More picks from CHA

I fell in love with the little stamps from See d's called, what else, Lil' Stamps. They are rubber but pop out of he holder and adhere to an acrylic block. There is even a stamping mat included in each stamp set. The image is printed on the back of each so you can position more easily. The thing I love about rubber stamps is that you get a much cleaner line than with acrylics. (and I love my acrylics)! Go to to see more.

And, here is one of the two new releases from Black Market Paper Society. The papers are double sided and have the linen like texture of the old Chatterbox. There is a white core for tearing and the papers are a bit thicker than the old Chatterbox ones. I'd love to give you a web site but they don't have one yet or a blog either. I know that you will be able to order these from KnK soon. This company will be the Featured Manufacturer for August in my column for Scrapbook News and Review. This line is called Imported Rhythm and sizzles.

I missed most of the big companies but as I said I tried to hit the newer and smaller ones. Everyone has the big ones reviewed on their blogs and most did early sneak peeks as!

I did love several of the lines at SEI and when I showed two of my friends here the new Poppy line we received at the SEI party at CHA, I thought I was going to have to arm wrestle them to get it back. It is all shimmery and lucious and lovely and I may not even put pictures on it...just frame each page and hang them on my

Back to the Beach!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jules' Picks from CHA

Because of the conflict with our vacation at the beach, I was only able to be on the trade floor for one day. I chose to focus on the newer, smaller companies as I feel very strongly that many of these have the potential to be valuable members and contributors to the scrapbook industry but lack the resources and "old boy network" needed to become known.

I found a wealth of new and some not so new companies out there and will be chatting about them over the next few days, if the net work connection here on the beach cooperates.

One of my new favorites is a wonderful paper company called Mollie and Mac ( The paper quality is high and the designs lovely. What a great job these two gals have done. This company which produces double sided papers, is owned by two of the friendliest gals and I hope to hear their name again and again. I also hope to feature them on SNR in one of the upcoming issues!

Zutter is not a new or small company but they are better known for their tools like the Bind It All and the Dream Kutter. They have come out with a new Zutter that binds 12x12 albums and pages better but when asked, the one sales person was hard pressed to tell me when the other corner rounder would be sent to lss and on-line stores. The new bags are cute but you can only get one corner rounder in them at a time...good marketing ploy, right? Now you have to by both...well, when ever the second sized corner rounder comes out that is. Also, I asked why the carry case for the Bind it All did not have enough room for carrying coils. He told me to cut my coils down...ahem? He said very few people did 12x12 albums..double ahem! I was sent off post haste to another sales gal who wowed me with the cute little mini album covers. You simply include a plastic (already cut to several sizes) in your papers that you bind and slide it into the provided pocket of the chipboard albums...these come in sizes up to guessed it....12x12. lol

Another impressive new concept is the ribbon binder by Melissa Bickle. Love the fact you can store up to 60 ribbons on the plastic then put several plastic slides onto an o ring. Love it! Need it! Have to have it! (

and last (for today) is the Build A Book acyrlic system from Prima. While the class was disorganized and a bit 'off', the end result and the concept are wonderful. This is not the book I would have created but creating this one gave me so many ideas for doing a class or a kit that my head was spinning. There are 43 new shapes (hope I got that right) and I can't wait to try out a few different ones than these.

TOMORROW if the internet gods are willing, I'll post an up close look at one of the new lines from Black Market Paper Society. We were all given the 6x6 pieces of the Imported line and I have most of them in 12x12 to create with as well.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A work in progress

Every now and then I just want to play and this is the start of something I have been wanting to do for quite some time. I am hoping to put all the things I want to go into this album into an Art Bin and have E take it to the beach when we go. I'll be flying in from CHA in Chicago to meet him so I am hoping if I put the bin with the rest of the to-be-packed things, he'll remember to bring it for me

We'll have far too much to do our friends, some of whom we see only once a year, the first week but the second week, he and I are on our own. There are daily afternoon showers that call for naps or tv and I'd rather play with some of this stuff...wouldn't you? This will be a picture less mini album by necessity as my baby book that had many of my childhood pictures in it was lost eons ago in one of our moves.

Wish I had better handwriting but it is authentically me!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy First of July!

I met Debi White through the Hilltop Memories Crops and Traveling Store (www.hilltopmemories) but only got to know her better at a crop in Ruskin a month or so ago. Now, I am a big Deb fan! She has the most wonderful sense of humor and even more, one of the biggest and most caring hearts I have known. Deb is involved as a volunteer for the Boxer Rescue. There is a fund raising event coming up Oct. 25 with silent auctions, sales, vendors (and not just for Boxer dogs) etc.
Although my honey and I do not own a dog currently, we have owned them (or been owned by and feel strongly about funding for deserted and abandoned pets of all types. Our daughter and her husband are the foster parents to a pup (Gumbo who now weighs 85 healthy pounds) who was abandoned during Katrina in La.
I made a little doggie album for the auction...a few pages are shown here as did others at the Birthday Crop this past weekend.

If you are interested in donating or wish more information on this, please contact Debi White at I know all inquiries are welcome.