Thursday, July 24, 2008

More picks from CHA

I fell in love with the little stamps from See d's called, what else, Lil' Stamps. They are rubber but pop out of he holder and adhere to an acrylic block. There is even a stamping mat included in each stamp set. The image is printed on the back of each so you can position more easily. The thing I love about rubber stamps is that you get a much cleaner line than with acrylics. (and I love my acrylics)! Go to to see more.

And, here is one of the two new releases from Black Market Paper Society. The papers are double sided and have the linen like texture of the old Chatterbox. There is a white core for tearing and the papers are a bit thicker than the old Chatterbox ones. I'd love to give you a web site but they don't have one yet or a blog either. I know that you will be able to order these from KnK soon. This company will be the Featured Manufacturer for August in my column for Scrapbook News and Review. This line is called Imported Rhythm and sizzles.

I missed most of the big companies but as I said I tried to hit the newer and smaller ones. Everyone has the big ones reviewed on their blogs and most did early sneak peeks as!

I did love several of the lines at SEI and when I showed two of my friends here the new Poppy line we received at the SEI party at CHA, I thought I was going to have to arm wrestle them to get it back. It is all shimmery and lucious and lovely and I may not even put pictures on it...just frame each page and hang them on my

Back to the Beach!


Ann said...

Jules! I should have e-mailed you before CHA to see if you would be there, too. :( I was working the Paper Element booth. I'm sorry I missed connecting with you!

CAKVD said...

Hello! Black Market Paper Society doesn't have a website yet. I've got a lot of layouts featuring their different lines on my blog though.

Pam in Moncton said...

I love seeing all the new things from the smaller companies. Love Mellie and Mac and Black Market especially.

Jules said...

Pam, Gerri-anne has tons of Black Market available now in her

and you know what great customer service she has!