Sunday, February 10, 2013

Support your local everything

I took a couple of friends to one of my favorite boutiques here in Tarpon Springs,the Mad Hatter, last week and, while they browsed the store, I found a flier for the 3/50 Project.  I have since joined as an independent supporter as I firmly believe in buying local as much as we can.    The flier is amazing in its details outlining how as buyers we can make a difference in our local economy. I encourage small businesses to join this organization as well.

Please visit their site to learn all the details about this movement to keep our local businesses afloat, the 3/50 Project. 

I suppose you are wondering by now why I would put this info on an altered art blog.  I am a firm believer that small businesses are our life blood for living a diverse and richer life.  If we do not buy local whenever we can and whenever we have the choice, there will not be local stores. 

If you read my blog at all, you know that I teach and design for Posh Scraps, a boutique type scrapbook and altered arts store a couple of towns over from me.  We read every day of another scrapbook store or stamp store closing its doors.  I only shop at the big box stores in last ditch desperation; if the store owner, Michele, can't get it for me or another friend who owns a small paper company, then and only then do I go to the box store or more often, I find a way to do with out.  I want my local scrap store to be there for the Wed. crops with the Women Who Do Lunch Bunch, the Friday night crops even though I can only get to those in the summer and, to be quite selfish, I like having a warm, friendly place to teach. 

Our local farmers market is open on Sundays and we try to buy all our fresh veggies from the vendors there along with specialty items like olive relish, breads (or we get loaves from our wonderful Greek bakeries in town), plants, herbs etc.  Check the market out HERE.  And these is even live local talent playing every Sunday and tables to sit, eat and enjoy.

There are far too many restaurants in our town and surrounding area to mention all but here are a few of E and my favorites.  Hope to see you at one soon and be sure to tell them we sent you.

Tarpon Tavern: our new place in town for drinks and great food.  My favorite is the garlic /parm chicken with a side of buffalo sauce.

Toula's Trailside Cafe : breakfast and lunch and a great view for people watching.

Miss Vicki's on the .River:  lazy Sat. and Sundays, great place to meet up with friends, watch the boats go by heading to the Gulf, good food and cold beer.  Best Cajun boiled peanuts for miles around.

Mykonos:  we spent a bit of time on our Med cruise a couple of years ago in Greece and to me, this is the most authentic around. We love the family atmosphere and the friendly staff.

Dimitri's on the Water: across the street from Mykonos on the Sponge Docks and owned by members of the same family.  This is one of our favorite places to come for happy hour in the Spring and Fall .  Good food and lovely Greek wines.  The view does not stop.  We like to sit out on the dock that runs the length of the restaurant and is right on the water.

Loggerheadz:  cold beer, live gators and our favorite Tiki Bar manager, Susie.  Susie adopted us when we first came to the area and introduced us to so many wonderful things, events and people.  She is the best commodity that this place has.  E meets up with his pals there, whom I call (with much affection) "the usual suspects".


Nicole said...

Stopped by Posh yesterday. I'd know your grand babies anywhere. Enjoyed seeing pics through the store even though I haven't gotten to see you in a while. Great post.

LyndaKay said...

Enjoyed the post.