Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Salvage Art

I have only recently entered this amazing world and have only completed one piece so tile posted below.  And I am hooked.  Some thing old and something new and mixed together is such fun.

When Josh from Tampa Bay Salvage left me a message the other day saying he had gotten in some four pane sash windows (circa 1914), I combined a foraging expedition with Pam Bennett (who has altered some great windows in Wisc.) visit to us here in Tarpon Springs and an opportunity to pick up my window.  I am letting the ideas ferment.  I want this to be as special as my first salvage art piece was (or at least special to me).  I do know that I'll be using some of the wonderful Viva inks  once I start as these have become my favorites .  Michele, the owner of Posh Scraps in Palm Harbor Fl. stocks these Viva products and they sell like hot cakes!

I am also teaching a glass class at Posh Scraps when I return from our cruise and visit to Aus/NZ and hope to score some more of these beautiful and enticing bottles before the class...we'll be altering a wine glass, a martini glass and a bottle of the student's choice (of course, I'll be sending them all to Tampa Bay Salvage to find that special bottle )
I may have posted these before but these are just some of the salvages I've found at one of my favorite stores here in Tarpon Springs.

Oh, and I picked up a few more of the metal stars too just because.  Happy Creating !

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