Saturday, January 26, 2013

Viva Inka Gold Question #2

I almost forgot the question about stamping with this goodness and the answer is YES!

We experimented with both solid  and outline rubber stamps and got the best results from the ones with a minimum of detail and that were outline like the leaf stamp above. 

I used a flat bristle brush and patted the color onto the stamp.  I did not want it too thick as it would smudge so aimed for a thin, even layer.  When I used this on the solid stamp image, the small recessed lines filled with the Inka Gold and the images were blurred.  The outline stamp worked wonderfully.

 I added some Inka Gold in another color experimenting with one of my two tags and like how it turned out.

For expediency sake, I heat set the two stamped images.  The product will dry on its own.  Heat setting it also caused an embossing effect without all the mess of embossing glitter and powder.  Now how cool is that?

I cleaned the stamp immediately using a non alcoholic bases wipey and finishing it off with a toothbrush (my husband's of course....just kidding) and water to remove any of the product from crevices .
The wipey had lots of color on it so I dabbed it onto the tags to see what would happen.  The color transferred beautifully and the glimmer as well. 

Thinking I want to play with the Viva crackle paint next.  I did a small clay pot with some the other day and LOVED it. Can't wait to try it on other mediums.  So stay tuned and happy creating.

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LyndaKay said...

If we see blue & gold on E's teeth, we'll know why. Love how you got the embossed look. Thanks for the tips & photos.