Monday, October 1, 2012

Works in Progress

I attended the charity event here in Tampa, Krop for Kids , which benefits a multitude of abandoned, abused and neglected children. This is my second year for the crop and am eternally indebted to my gal pals, Jacqui and Di for convincing me to attend.

I spent a lot of time catching up with old and new friends but did manage to produce a frame and a layout for Posh Scraps with some product the owner, Michele, gave me to see if I liked and five other layouts.

Here are the two I did for Michele
 This one is my all time favorite (see layout below).  For the one above, I should have taken out the acrylic piece over the photo before I took the pic.  I also want to sub a pic of Leighton and I for this one as I think that the frame is a bit too foo foo for the twins and besides my sports bra was obviously failing me! lol
and these other ones need some work but I am posting them as "before"s and will post the "after"s when I finish and correct them.  Art is a work in progress...right?

Got to the crop with this photo and had no idea where I had taken it.  I knew it was from our Med Cruise and probably Italy somewhere.  E and I have since googled the partial words and found out this was the entrance to Messina  and E also found the source of the, will add that.

So, on thi next one, I forgot the "h" in Villefranche...have an "h" and will fix ASAP
Now, moving on to our last night in Barcelona and the magnificent and oh so romantic hotel Jo Frazier found us on the Rambla now I am missing an "l"...oh Janet Miller, can you please send me an "l"?

And this one...need to straighten out the "explore" sticker on the bottom right.  Easy Peasy on that one.  Ummmmmmmm done!

and the last one is not even close to even being here.  My handwriting went wacko and the picture needs to be larger and and and so I am not even posting that one.

Everyone posts their best work and I have done two of those but I also think we should post our work in progress as we can all learn from each other .

thanks for looking and all comments and suggestions 
are gratefully appreciated


LyndaKay said...

Wow...I love the lines of product you used on all of them.

Anesha said...

Beautiful layouts!