Friday, September 28, 2012

Lost Art of Writing Post Card Exchange

For the past 14 month or so I have been honored to have been the Post Mistress for an amazing group of artists who have created the most awesome post cards ever.  Each member chose a month and a theme (or not) and all of us created 1 post card for that person during her month.  We are drawing to a close now with only Sept ( what few days are left ) and October to go. 
This is one of the many I created for this group of Kindred Spirits who believe we need to revive the lost art of writing.

Several of our members have shown interest in having a round two for this. If  you would be interested, or are a member and want to recommend someone, please contact me through this blog or through my email at with LOST ART OF WRITING in the subject please.
Hoping to hear from some more Kindred Spirits.

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Sherrie said...

Sherrie - I would love to try it if there is a Round Two!