Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bliss, pure Bliss

I have purchased an old ceiling tile today and an rusty, distressed vintage door lock at Architectural Salvage, a new store here in Tarpon Springs.  (see my daily blog for pictures) and could not wait to get home to play. 

I don't know how others design but I am a 'gatherer'.  I have a vague idea in my mind of where I want to go with something like this tile and the door knob case and lock and then I begin to gather things from my stash.  I have an ephemera drawer that contains a plethora of accumulated "trash" for lack of a better word. These are things I saw, liked, and bought.  Kind of like "I came, I saw, I conquered" or rather I could not resist.

My next step is to sit back and let the this case, the lock and tile...'speak' to me.  My husband, the practical one in the family, said, where are you going to put this? are you making this for a gift? Ummmmmmmm...what do you mean where and why?  This is just because...ya know?

So my first step was this
Please forgive the color difference...had to turn off the camera flash. 

and then moved on to more gathering like this

Now that photo is more accurate, colorwise.  So, where am I now...still processing and gathering.  I want to distress and soften the color on the 7 Gypsy shadow box and dye some of the lace a tad bit more vintage and add a bit more green tints to incorporate the door handle.  I'm going to let this simmer a bit and will keep posting updates til I am done.  I am now thinking perhaps a picture of me, my daughter and my granddaughter in mini at different places as the tiny framed pic at the upper left is of my mother.  She would love the multi generational thing.

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