Monday, April 5, 2010


I have become interested in exploring what can be done with fabric when it is considered like paper: layered, stamped, inked, painted, photos transferred on to etc and so I have 3 fabric projects in bins. I alternate between them as each has a different theme. When I come across something that works in one, I play with that one and when I find another I move to that. My totes (still making more since I love to play with the colors and dyes)are still a work in progress and I am making bigger more elaborate ones now.

This one is called Secrets and has been a work in progress for about two months. I found some beautiful silk at Rainbow's End in Dunedin. This will end up being a combination of tags, large library pockets and file folders and will measure 4x6. I love the mystery of the closed door (the windows are actual glass dripped with various shades of alcohol inks and then blended.) to the small sealed envelopes. Every element so far has been covered with a fabric of some kind. I hope to have this finished soon as it is the piece I come back to the most.

I am going to ask selected friends to take one of the pockets or to create an envelope and leave me a secret when it is finished. I'll tell you my secret if you tell me yours! To participate, email me at Love to have you!

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