Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PAINT IT! from Creative Imaginations...layout for Posh Scraps!

Yesterday, after playing with coloring agents, I got to wondering how a color blocked layout would look. Today, at my daughter's house, one of my grandson's pointed out the window at this amazing Tiger butterfly. I took the picture (ok...several pictures) and knew just what I wanted to do.

I used 3 different sized envelopes to form my color blocks. I lightly penciled them in position, removed the envelopes and began to ink and color.

And what you don't see from the flat photo of the layout is the detail that paper delivers when inked or painted or...well, just see my post below on what coloring agents worked for me and what did not.
So, many thanks to Creative Imaginations for creating this marvelous paper and to Michele, at Posh Scraps for handing these papers to me and asking for some store displays.


Sandi said...

that's a great layout! Using the envelopes is something I will remember..

LyndaKay said...

Lovely! Like the tip about the envelopes, too.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Very pretty!
I praised it in the LRS gallery :)