Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recovery time

I've been down and out with that horrible bug everyone has has lately. Until today, the most creative I have felt is which drug (all legal btw) to take in what order and how long would I sleep and on what side so I could breathe. Today, after once again soaking in the steam of the hot tub, I emerged feeling much better and spent the day alternating between basking in our lovely Florida spring weather and trying out Shar's photo transfer technique she posted on Gingersnaps blog earlier this week.

I use to think that if I created something, it had to serve some purpose. I was raised by two parents who grew up during the Depression and WWII where frivolity was not an option. If I made a journal, I felt compelled to write in it; if I made cards, they had to be for someone or some specific occasion. I have been moving away from purpose driven creations. Today, I played for play's sake and am going to be happy for the effort!

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