Friday, March 13, 2009

Found Goodies

Wherever I go, I am on the lookout for what I like to call "found goodies" and boy! did I hit a gold mine at Anthropology. Prior to heading out on the Hilltop Cruise, my room mate, Jill's, husband popped for two nights at a hotel for several of us near the Port of Tampa. We went shopping, of course, the second day and headed to Scrapbook Shoppe and then on to Hyde Park. Kristen and I had visited Hyde Park for lunch one day but did not make it to the shops.

My favorite had to be Anthropology with all the wonderful door knobs and door knockers, material, journals, file folders and on and on and one. I picked up two door pulls and the butterfly door knocker...and can't wait til I can get E to adapt them for me for the front of albums. Watch this spot!

We have company coming to town or I'd be knee deep in paper and glue right this minute! Hoping the old adage that good things are worth waiting for is true!


W.O.T.E. said...

i love anthropology! love the watch face knob... you are so cool!!!

Lyneen said...

What fun found object... can wait to see what you do with them!