Saturday, November 22, 2008

Deep regrets

With a sad heart, I am taking down my Gypsy Rose Paperie CT logo. The site exists no more. I am hoping that Nikki finds peace with whatever happened so tragically to the GRP family. Peace to all. If I had the wherewithal, this is the site I would have wanted to create. My hat is off to you Nikki and all the rest of the gang...and to my fellow CT members, it was brief but a hell of a ride. You are some of the most creative women...thanks for the honor of working with you! and goodbye Gypsy Rose Paperie!

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Stacy Cohen said...


Yes, it was sad to see GRP go, and it was even more disheartening to hear that Nikki and the GRP family suffered a tragedy. My thoughts go out to them.

One of the great rewards I received during my short GRP Creative Team stint was getting to know you, Jules!! Your warm and charming personality shines through even through e-mails and blog posts. I know we will stay in touch!