Friday, July 3, 2015

Last touches

That is what these three layouts needed before I could put them into Leighton's album. 

This one is my favorite of the last batch.  I printed Leighton's photo onto canvas and used soft tipped pencils to highlight the eyes, lips and the white shirt.  I've been working on using up my stash and this one did just that.  I love how printing on canvas often makes the photo more of a painted image. 

This is so true of our granddaughter...she has a mischievous side to her! This is from last fall when Papa and I took her to Old Bay Cafe in Dunedin for lunch.  She ate all her mushroom bisque and most of Papa's.

I don't normally use overly themed paper like this "Hello Kitty" but Leighton was going through her 'gotta have' Kitty phase and, with her outfit, it worked.  (p.s.  She is now in the mermaid, Ariel, and Disney princesses stage).

Now, back to work.  I have about 20 layouts in need of either titles, journal entries or repair (missing letters plague me) and I'd like to get them done and in their albums. 

Thanks for looking!


Sherri said...

I love this! Where do you get the canvas to print on, Julie?

LyndaKay said...

Really like the canvas print. And what a look Leighton has in the photo under "Spice"! You are on a roll getting the finishing touches done.