Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Play day...

On Face book today, Red Lead, asked for people to give the one word that inspired them.  This year, my word is BLISS.  My husband's health is better, my grandson is getting the physical and speech therapy he needs for his aprexia, his brother is a charmer and their sister is a delight.  Chris's classes are going well and Kristen is working through the new curriculum and I have a hug full of good friends...what more could a gal ask for.  To me, this is bliss.  I took the Red Lead post as a challenge and here is the result.  I sure had fun.

As soon as this sets up (layers and layers of Golden Pumice Gel covered by layers and layers of Splash of Color's Viva Metallic Paint), I'll turn the "L" around and push the pronged frames into the canvas board.  I'm hoping to frame it and hang it over my work desk to remind me that I am truly "BLISSED" as well as blessed.

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LyndaKay said...

And it's a wonderful expression of your feelings of bliss. Love the splashes of gold.