Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tim Holtz' Eclectic Elements fabric covered notebooks

I am a fabric hoarder and when Tim Holtz came out with his fabric lines, I was smitten.  I have been wondering what to make for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for friends and I think I've found my answer.  Using a few easy steps, I created this fabric covered 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch moleskin notebooks.

Step One: I ironed the entire 12x12 piece of fabric onto the Therm O Web heatnBond Iron on Adhesive Ultra Hold backing.  This backing is available at all major craft and fabric stores and contains wonderful directions for applying .

Not only does this make for a smooth application of the fabric to the notebook cover, but it also gives the fabric backing during the cutting.

 Step Two:  I selected the printed area I wanted to be on the front of the notebook.  Then I opened up the notebook, laid it flat and, using a pencil, I lightly traced a quarter of an inch to half an inch (choice)  beyond the edges of the notebook.  It is helpful to weigh down the notebook so it is flat. 

Because the edges of the fabric are already 'pinked', I used my pinking sheers to cut on the lines.

Step Three:  I placed the fabric around the notebook and made a slip top and bottom to provide a smooth fit once the fabric was applied to the notebook.  This can also be done after the fabric is applied but I find it easier to do it before.

 Step Four: Next, I  removed the paper backing off the adhesive on the fabric placing it on my table fabric side down.  I arranged the notebook papers side up onto this.  Side by side I ironed the fabric to the notebook covers, folding the extra in and ironing that into place all but the corners.  I mitered the corners for a clean finish then ironed.


THE BACK inside cover of many moleskin notebooks has a pocket and an extra slit should be made.

Step Five: adding the touches. I inked then edges of the notebook with a charcoal ink pad and  I used the Them O Bond on a length of patterned ribbon leaving a space for the pencil.  I ironed this onto and around the cover and provided not only a pencil holder for the notebook but a tie as well.  The final touch was adding the metal corners.

 ( the two black marks indicate the space I left by not ironing the backing so the pencil would slip between the ribbon and the cover).

Thanks so much for reading and now off with you...go make some notebooks!   I'll post the rest of mine when I finish them and I would love to see yours.


LyndaKay said...

Great directions. Love the metal corners.

toni said...

Great work, thankyou for the step by step, such a good idea ! X

Puneet said...

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Tricia said...

Fantastic! Do you need to know where to mail mine?!