Monday, July 9, 2012

Victorian Boudoir Bottle

 Rainbow's End Quilt Shop in Dunedin is celebrating their 30th year in business.  When we were all in last week, we were offered the opportunity to participate in a challenge to mark the occasion.  We were each given a bag of the most beautiful charms and told to create something with them.  This is my creation for the challenge.
 As I did with the Found Object: mermaid in a bottle, I dribbled alcohol ink (cranberry) down the back and sides of this fun vintage glass I found at Beall's Outlet this morning.  I first dabbled gold krylon ink on various parts of the glass with an artist's sponge. 
 The lace on the top and the bottom of the bottle is vintage given to me by a friend.
 I am imagining the bottle filled with bath salts for the lady's tub. 
I need to get this and the Mermaid in the Bottle both to Rainbow's End (I've added some beautiful seahorse charms dangling inside with the mermaid) before we leave for the beach.

As always, thanks so very much for looking.