Friday, June 8, 2012

Ink Aid photo transfer for Post Card Exchange

 Knowing how much I love playing with a variety of photo transfer techniques, Natasha Goss sent me the link to a demo of Ink Aid on My Craft Chanel.  The demo is there but you have to really hunt for it.  It was a product special of the day and the video explains the product very clearly.

I ordered the sampler kit from the Ink Aid site and it came ASAP.  Yesterday I went in search of ink jet transparencies and was appalled by the price .  It has sure gone up since I last bought a box and I could not find any place that sold them as singles.  I ended up at Office Depot and, for 12.00 got 100 'write on' transparencies.  Now these won't print from the ink jet but, once coated with the Ink Aid, they do and the transfers turn out lovely.  I wanted something soft and dreamy and that is exactly what I got.  I believe it was my friend, Gale Hare, who gave me these two vintage post card books of Venice.  This is the front cover of one.
 And this is the transfer.  I added gilding with a Krylon Leafing pen both front and back.

Darlene is our post card recipient for May (and yes! I am very late getting my card to her).  This goes postal tomorrow.  The Kindred Spirits Post Card Exchange is entering its second year with no signs of stopping. 

Thanks for looking as always.  I have some upcoming special events and will you keep you posted as they happen.  The first one is this coming June 10 so watch this spot.

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LyndaKay said...

Super lovely technique!