Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Redoux


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I've created one or two things new for our house each year. This year it is the shadow box of the kids and our twin grandsons that I did for part of my upcoming A Cherry on Top reveal at the end of the month to demonstrate some of the great Helmar products that ACOT carries.

Every year, we put up our dancing ghosties in the front yard, hang our pumpkin lights in the front window and wait to hand out treats. E and I dress in dark clothes and sit on the porch out of sight. When the kids (only the bigger ones btw) come to trick or treat and start to ring the door bell, one of us in a deep voice, says, "Don't ring that bell!"

We are going to have to change our routine this year for a couple of reasons. One, we cut down the hedge that gave us cover and two, the bigger kids are on to us. Last year, we over heard one little girl say to her younger brother, "This is the house where the people yell really loud at you, so don't be afraid". Games up. So we are going to put on our thinking caps and come up with something new...any ideas?

I'll put up a couple more of my H'ween projects and some free vintage post cards I have inherited. Feel free to snag the post cards and use them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Natasha said...

Love Halloween and I love your Halloween projects . . . . The shadow box is too cute!

Natasha said...

Love Halloween, and I love your Halloween projects! The shadow box is just too cute!

LyndaKay said...

Who doesn't adore that Raven box! I opened wide the door, darkness there and nothing more...

So cool.

Will be looking for the postcards.

Theresa said...

Great projects...i love Halloween too.

We never get trick or treaters, makes me sad..

Greenaholic Cherub said...

Oh! I just love halloween! :) Awesome stuff you have. I wish you can teach me how to create such cute things for this event. Looking forward for your new routine.