Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vintage Groupings

In my opinion, lots can be learned from visiting vintage shops and mostly from the way the items are arranged. I come home inspired, not just by the aged sheet music, the laces and retro fabrics, the mink hats and stoles and the yellowed white ladies evening gloves and the delicate but deserted jewelery but by how the items are grouped. The color contrasts, the sizes juxtaposed one against another, the casual draping of cloth over table tops and chairs,the hanging of necklace of onyx beads over the dented frame of a hand mirror...amazing.

I come home wanting to arrange all my shelves but especially the one over my supplies closet. I want to 'present' my creations in a way that one showcases the next and that they are not fighting for space. Perhaps it is time for some of these things that overcrowd my shelf to find a new home or become recycled.

While the vintage stores have an incredible amount of goods on display, what might appear as clutter is actually, in most cases, an artistic arrangement. I have a new friend in Tenn. who may be able to offer me some guidance in this regard. The pictures of her store display this talent for groupings that I love.

Here are a few shots from some of the stores in Dunedin I took yesterday. Enjoy...I did.


Natasha said...

What a cool looking store, I want to come go shopping with you!

"A Chance at Life" said...

Don't cha' just *LOVE* those stores in Dunedin??? I miss all of that :{

Maybe JD & I could drive up one day and hang out with you guys ; }

Have a wonderful weekend Jules!!

Janet M said...

Jules you got some wonderful pictures on her, I loved the day we shopped there. All the stores were so beautiful to wander through.

Mary-Beth said...

Fabulous store, so many treasures!!