Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You lucky people who live in Tenn.

A very kind woman posted on this blog a bit ago about how she needs a dress form like mine for her store and suggested a lovely name for my lady. I always try to visit new visitors to my blog when they leave a 'return address' and I discovered an amazing store!

Here is the link

Be prepared for some serious "I have to have that" moments. Jennifer, my new friend, I love your shop and I swear, I shall come visit some day and see all your lovely eye candy!

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That's So Shabby said...

Oh you're the sweetest. Come on over and visit, but beware, I keep paint brushes handy and just might put you to work!! LOL
Hope to see you soon. Bring some of your beautiful pieces with you too! Jen
That's So Shabby.