Saturday, August 22, 2009

More progress on the notebooks...

I've been spending a few Friday nights at the lss, Ruban Rouge, with a great group of ladies, and am making progress on the notebooks. These all have to be done (all ten of them) by the first week plus a couple of days in Dec. I have 7 covers done, 4 completed inside and more to go...

This would have been a lot simpler had I made them all the same but each is different in cover design and theme...and, of course, one has to be vampy, right?
I have a travel one, a bird themed one, a journal/pen/ink themed one, ...well,you get the picture.

and I've been playing with coffee filters...why you ask? For fun and I've been creating some roses and leaves...will do a show and tell when I get finished.

Happy creating to you!

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Janet M said...

Jules - Love the looks of your notebooks - every one of them is going to be so special. I know how much you enjoy the stocking exchange group.