Monday, June 29, 2009

Dirctions for Nosegay 'basket' for Tiffany in Tx.

This is one version:

Step One: cut a square from two sided paper or cut two squares and face the one with the other. I cut an 8x8 for the orange and green one and a 6x6 for this one.

Step Two: fold one side in upon the other until you have a cone shape. It doesn't matter if the top fold is above the bottom as in this one or below as in the orange and green one. It is your preference.

Step Three: poke holes in the back of the paper just below where the fold in the front is. I poke the hole from the front to make sure it is not going to show. Thread your ribbon or pearls or, in the case of the orange and green 'basket', wire that has been wrapped around a pencil and pulled out slightly to form large loops.

Step Four: run a thread of glue inside the edge of the top fold and press gently. Be careful not to glue this to the back of the 'basket' or you will not be able to insert candy or flowers. (with the orange and green one, I placed the chipboard flowers and their stems onto pop dots and arranged them before I closed and glued the flaps).

Step Five: embellish to your heart's content.

If anyone has any questions, please email me at Hope these directions help!

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