Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art Notebook One

I am working on a series of ten Art Notebooks using the small moleskin ones that you can get in two or three packs. These will be my gift to several artsy women who are all in a gift exchange group for next Christmas. Why am I doing this now, you may ask? Well, the last time I did one as a gift for a blog friend, the notebook covers, the inside work and the stamping took me a couple of day total and then another day for the project to dry as I had coated it with a sealer. If I don't start now, I'll never get all ten done the way I want them to be. These are such a pleasure to design and execute. Each will be different with a theme for each carried out on the inside with stampings and inks and lots of fun fold outs and places to take notes. Wish me luck.

This is the first of the notebooks. I have finished the front and back covers and a couple of the inside pages. I used silk paper for the notebook cover and don't think I'll have to put a sealer on this one. Hope the girls like them.

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