Monday, January 19, 2009

A little gift

And, of course, blogger loaded the pictures in reverse order...arggggggg.

I love the little moleskin notebooks. I found this one at Barnes and Nobel in a 3 pack and bought that and a few other sizes for fun. I met for breakfast with a new friend, Catherine and, as a lot of crafty people do, I made her a little something, this notebook. The vellum papers are by an incredible paper artist, Patricia diBona out of Atlanta, Ga. She has a web site that should not be missed. I believe I have a link on here or on my main blog,

A side comment about altering this notebook: can I just say how much I don't like Mod Podge? It goes on so gooey that it is hard to control. If you thin it by running a brush over your application, it leaves ridges and it takes forever to dry. When I took a class from Tim Holtz, someone asked what his favorite glue/sealer was and he recommended Golden Gel Medium, which I do like. Because I could not find Golden's and needed a sealer for a project, at that time, I picked up Liquitex Matt Gel and I love it! It dries quickly, seals well and is pliable. I used it on this book for Catherine and it is now my all time favorite. And, you can get it at JoAnne's in the art supply dept.

I am off to make a few more of these for some more friends and back to B&N for some larger sizes!

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Lyneen said...

this is a beautiful gift... I am sure your friends are most thankful for them!